Pastor Everett A. Henes was ordained by the OPC and installed as the church planting pastor at Hillsdale on September 26, 2008. After the congregation petitioned the Presbytery to be recognized as a new and separate work, Everett was installed as pastor on April 17th, 2015. Everett grew up in Southern California and enjoys when the sun comes out in South Michigan.

Dr. Richard M. Gamble was ordained as a ruling elder at Fellowship OPC in Lake Worth, Florida in 1997.  He moved to Hillsdale in 2006 and was among the original members of HOPC. Dr. Gamble works as a Professor of History at Hillsdale College.

Ruling Elder Dr. Darryl G. Hart, the only session member with his own Wikipedia page, joined the session in 2011. Dr. Hart teaches history at Hillsdale College and has authored many books.

Ruling Elder Dr. John Somerville joined the session in 2017.  He grew up in Korea as the son of Presbyterian missionaries. Dr. Somerville teaches English at Hillsdale College.

Ruling Elder Dr. Christopher Hamilton joined the session in 2017.  Dr. Hamilton and his family was part of the original core group of Hillsdale OPC. He teaches Chemistry at Hillsdale College.