HOPC 2015 Graduates

If you’ve been around HOPC for any length of time, you know that we have a lot of college students. That’s an understatement. We have A LOT of college students. The first year there were 25, the second 40, and at this point there are around 100 Hillsdale College students who call HOPC their “home church away from home.” Through the course of the school year, at least 10% of the college’s student body will worship with us.

This is why our focus has always included ministering to these students. Unlike many churches, though, we don’t have fancy programs or contemporary rock bands. A local pastor, after hearing how many students attend, asked me how we had so many. I responded, “I put on a robe and we sing psalms and hymns to piano accompaniment.” This pastor thought I was joking. Surely there had to be more! I’ve heard local pastors talking about putting in a coffee shop or increasing the speed of worship all with an effort to reach the students.

I have an idea: preach the Gospel. Young people are not looking to be entertained. After all, there is plenty of that in their lives already. And, if we’re honest, the church always does a substandard job of entertaining them anyways. What do we have? The truth. How is it conveyed? Through preaching the Word of God. What are we seeking to build? A faithful community of believers who love God and love one another.

Every year we celebrate the students who have sojourned with us. After all, that’s what we all are: pilgrims in this world. Some fellow-travelers walk with us for many years and some for only a few. These students are very important to the life of the church even as the community members are important. As Paul says to the Corinthians, “For just as the body is one and has many members, and all the members of the body, though many, are one body, so it is with Christ” (1 Corinthians 12:12).

It is my prayer that HOPC continues to reflect this truth, that we are members of one another. I am grateful for their being among us and blessing us with their gifts; we need them and they need us.

I reflect on all of this because this week we had our 7th HOPC Senior Dinner. This is something that we started my first year as pastor. It’s not my show, though, it’s my wife’s. She loves to cook and care for the students and so she prepares them a meal that they won’t soon forget. The decorations have been a more recent touch and are due to John and Lici Davis. Every year we tell the students that this is our chance to rejoice with them and to thank them. This year we had 11 students attend the dinner. Pray that the Lord would bless them as they take finals and prepare for what’s next in their lives. Pray that the Lord would bring them to places where they can unite with faithful churches and continue to be fed week by week. Pray that some of them would find employment locally and be able to continue their sojourning with us just a bit longer.


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HOPC Recognized!

On Friday, April 17th, the Presbytery of Michigan and Ontario gathered for a “Recognition and Installation Service.”

In November, the congregation met and unanimously voted to petition the Presbytery to be recognized as a new and separate congregation within the OPC. Along with that petition came the request to have Mr. John Davis installed as deacon, Drs. Richard M. Gamble and Darryl G. Hart to be installed as ruling elders, and the Rev. Everett A. Henes to be installed as pastor.

2015 04 17_1880a

The above picture includes all the members of the Presbytery who attended the service, which was led by Moderator Bob Van Manen. Other participants included: Rev. David Landow, who preached a sermon on Deuteronomy 8-9, titled, Remember Not to Forget the Gospel. David was a student at Hillsdale College, graduating in 2008, who had a large part in beginning the work in 2007. The Rev. Dr. Peter Wallace gave the charge to the congregation from Acts 2:42 and the Rev. Glenn Jerrell charged the officers of the church. Other participants included the Rev. Matt Barker (pastor of our home church in Walkerton, IN) and the Rev. Brett Mahlen (pastor at Grace OPC in Sewickley, PA).

The service was followed by a reception and fellowship.

2015 04 17_1922

2015 04 17_1908

2015 04 17_1906

2015 04 17_1891

2015 04 17_1889

Please remember to pray for HOPC as we continue our labors in the Hillsdale community!


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