The 4th Annual Hillsdale
Community Bible Study

Peace with God:

Understanding God’s Answer
to the Problem of Sin

A Study of the Book of Romans

To be held at the Hillsdale Community Library

Mondays @ 7:15 pm – Beginning July 9th

 Coffee and Snacks Provided

For more information, call 517-437-4462



Community Bible Study for children!!
We invite your whole family to come and learn! While the adults are studying the book of Romans the children will be learning about the stories of the Bible that teach about the coming of Jesus.

Romans Study Schedule

July 9th                                 Romans 1-3     “The Search for Righteousness”

July 16th              Romans 4-6     “Faith is the Key”

July 23rd              Romans 7-8     “The Ordinary Christian Life”

July 30th              Romans 9-11   “Understanding God’s Rule”

August 13th        Romans 12      “New Life in Christ”

August 20th        Romans 13      “Relating Christian and State”

August 27th        Romans 14-16 “A Loving Church”


Children’s Study

God’s covenant with his people is a story that starts with creation and is fulfilled with the King’s return. This year’s study helps your children see that all of Scripture is about God pursuing a relationship with his people.

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